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High level musicians and almost 30 years of history make the Angra show a unique experience for rock lovers and aspiring musicians of different generations. The show can be formatted to meet different structures and situations. Prioritizing different phases of the band.

Bittencourt Project

This is a very special show, more focused on the rock segment than heavy-metal, where Rafael Bittencourt gets together with musicians of very high caliber, expirenced in the Brazilian Pop-rock scene to play themes of his authorship, rock classics and even versions of MPB songs. Fernando Nunes (Cássia Eller, Zeca Baleiro), Amon Lima (Família Lima) among others form this team of Brazilian rock beasts.  

Solo Concerts

Guitar and Voice This is the opportunity to have a close and super exclusive experience with Rafael Bittencourt who sits with his guitar and sings intimate versions for a select audience. In this model, Rafael interacts with the audience telling a little about his life and the importance of each song presented. The structure for this show is simple and allows to be performed in small celebrations, conventions, bars and theaters.  

Mini-Acoustic: Similar to the guitar and voice, in this format Rafael Bittencourt has the support of 2 other musicians to play the guitar and sing unpublished and sophisticated arrangements of songs of his authorship, versions of rock classics and Brazilian music. A slightly more daring structure will be needed for this format.


Several models of lectures focused on the corporate segment. Rafael brings his experience as a manager in the international market in the entertainment area to an audience interested in subjects such as High Performance Team Management, artistic business models, internal crisis management among others. Always with slide projection and interaction with the audience.

Work Shops

This presentation is divided into the following formats:

Master-Class: Expositive class approaching specific subjects previously combined such as composition, guitar technique, lyrics making, career management among others. Rafael plays examples and parts of songs that are related to the subjects covered. This is a format intended to reach an audience of beginners and aspiring musicians.

Workshow: Rafael Bittencourt mixes entertainment and didactics playing guitar, acoustic guitar and singing songs that marked his career on backing tracks. ANGRA fans and musicians interested in Rafael Bittencourt's knowledge that plays and talks to answer the audience's doubts and curiosities.    

Equipment Demonstrations

Rafael Bittencourt creates content demonstrating his partner equipment. These contents can be fast videos for stories, bigger contents for Instagram's feed or even bigger and better produced contents for Youtube, sites or institutional media for companies.